Thursday, October 28, 2010

Link - The Legend of Zelda

Spark requested to be Link for Halloween.  I prefer that we go to the fabric store, they pick out what they want to be from the pattern books and I sew it up for them.  There are no patterns for Link out there that we found, so I had to make one up.

I found a pattern for a tunic.  It is Simplicity 3647, a Grecian Toga Pattern.  This was so so simple.  The whole thing can be cut out and sewn in about an hour.  I made it out of heavy drapery fabric that my mother, I think for our wedding, made new drapes for their house. 

I made it a size larger than he is because here it is not unusual to have to wear your coat under your costume.  Actually, it would be unusual not to have to wear a winter coat.  If your costume isn't big enough, kids end up wearing their coat over their costumes where only the bottom of them show.  That is fine but since I always make their costumes I want them to show.  It's a proud mom thing. 

For the hat I measured around Spark's head and added an inch to the measurement.  I folded the fabric over (right sides facing), measured out half the size of his head along the bottom, went up about 30 inches and drew a line diagonally from the edge of the fabric where I marked half the size of his head and up to the 30 inch mark.   Sewed the edges together and voila! a perfect Link hat. I thought I would have to put elastic in it to stay on his head but that wasn't necessary, it fit find without the elastic. 

The two belts were ones that we had, one Dancer's and one Dad's.  The shield and the sword were a souvenir from the Renaissance festival a few years back.  He is going to wear gray sweatpants for the leggings tucked into his snow boots that conveniently are brown. 

The best part of the whole costume is that it cost $.99 cents for the pattern on sale.  Everything else we had on hand.  When my mom brought up the drapery fabric I thought, oh good grief, what will I ever do with this, your just trying to get it out of your house and clog mine up with it.  Little did I know years later it would come in handy.  

Actually the price isn't the best part, the best part is that Spark loves it and was all smiles when he tried it on.


jugglingpaynes said...

It looks fantastic! I hope you have a relatively warm night to trick or treat!

Peace and Laughter!

Swimtaxi said...

AWESOME! I recognized it right away since I have played two different Zelda games on my DS.