Saturday, July 2, 2011

Long Exposure

We were having a bonfire one night and had the camera out.  We tried taking a picture of the coal from our fire but the flash made them look like a pile of grey ashes.  Then we tried with the camera shutter open a really long time.  The setting we used actually kept the shutter open until the camera had enough light, usually around 30 seconds.

This picture looks like dusk but actually it's around midnight.  The white streak is headlights from passing cars.  we just had the kitchen light on but it looks like a flood light.

If you wave your arms around the whole time it looks like they aren't even there.

The moonlight in this picture looks like sunlight with shadows and all!  This is the picture of the coals.  the camera is sitting on a table for all these pictures as you can't keep it still enough by hand.

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Amy Dingmann said...

Love experimenting with the camera! We got the neatest shots one night of a campfire by doing that. :)