Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dancer Is Home - Yes!

Dancer has been gone for the last two days to learn the play, 4-H Arts-In, that they put on at the fair all next week.  I want her to go and have a good time but I miss her terrible and am happy that she is here tonight. 

She came back just happier than happy.  The temps were in the high 90's with horrible humidity but they were learning dances so she was in her glory.  They also went swimming and stayed up half the night watching movies and playing games.

Another mom picked her and another girl up from our club.  When they got to our house to drop Dancer off, after a trip to the Dairy Queen which we haven't frequented since we started our diet in February so she was happy about that too, they came in and did the dances for us.  There was lots of laughing so I know they had a good time and the dances are good.  Can hardly wait to see the whole thing all together! 

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jugglingpaynes said...

Sounds like Dance is having a great time. I bet the play will be wonderful!

We are just getting the heat and humidity from the midwest. No fun. I made it half the summer without air conditioning, but now I can already feel the need.

I answered your question about the acrobatic pose (the caterpillar) on my blog in the comments. Hope the answer isn't too confusing, it's a hard one to explain!

Peace and Laughter,