Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tricks For Food

Nikki's diet is working, her face looks thinner and she is having an easier time jumping on the bed but she is one miserable little pupper.  She sits by the table at meal time and barks for treats, if we drop a crumb in the kitchen she dashes in there to snatch it up before we can get it and gives us the sad eyes when we have a snack.  I don't think she is consoled by the line, "This is for your own good."

We were at the store in the dog food aisle picking out her dog food and we came upon these little packets of Moist and Meaty food that look like treats.  They got her super excited thinking the 'no treat ban' had been lifted.

For each piece she does a little trick - getting some exercise in too!

This is her rolling over, she is so fast the sport setting on the camera couldn't catch her still.

She gets down to start to roll over

then gets back up to do a couple turns

before doing the actual roll.

Then she bows for her snack.  These pictures we all taken in the span of about three seconds.  She is fast!

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