Monday, July 25, 2011

Jungle Jacket

I made Spark this jacket.  He picked the fabric from the basement stash and loved the green jungle, that is what he calls it, fabric on the top.  There wasn't enough for the whole jacket so he got part green sleeves and bottom front.  The back is the jungle fabric.  This was very frugal.  The fabric and thread I already had and the zipper I ripped out of an old coat of Dad's that he throwing away.   All I had to buy was one yard of interfacing.

The pattern was McCall's M5538.  The jacket went together neatly but the directions as written were a disaster.  I don't know if they were written in another language and translated to English or if there was a intern writing them or what.  I sewed my own wedding dress that wasn't as confusing as these directions.  I finally ended up just looking at all the pieces and figured out the best way to put them together. 

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