Monday, July 25, 2011

I Think We Irritate Our Neighbor

Our human neighbors pasture goes right up along side the road where we walk.  When their cows are out they always stop grazing and look at us.  Not just a normal look but a glare.  A glare that says,  who are you trespassing in my pasture?  A glare that sometimes makes me wonder, is there something on my face, is my shirt on backwards, do I have a trail of toilet paper stuck on my shoe, bad breath, some other offending oddity?  You may think "One cow that's not so creepy".   But this is just the tip of the iceberg, there are dozens more like her.  Watching, waiting, plotting some nefarious scheme.

They complain noisily as we continue our walk, often walking along side of us to make sure we are really leaving.  Maybe they are like that "Far Side" cartoon; standing on hind legs, leaning on trees, smoking cigarettes, only to act like cows when humans are near?  When they feel we have moved a desirable distance from them they get their graze back on.  Is it jealousy?  We can hear these cows so I'm sure they can hear our goats.  Perhaps our goats mournful wailing is actually gloating about their treat filled life.  Sometimes I wonder if they are trying to follow us home.

When we turn around to return home we get the stink eye again.  Last year there was a really pretty brown cow that Dancer dubbed "Lilly" but this year we haven't seen her, just these annoyed bovines.  We walk there pretty often so I'm sure they will warm up to us like Lilly did.

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