Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Too Hot To Make Cookies Cookies

Well, okay, these are actually the Chinese Haystacks but we made them because it was too hot out to start the oven.  Dancer need a snack for today for a 4-H event.  We thought we would make cake for her to bring but when the house was already 84 degrees, with the air on, we just couldn't bring ourselves to use to the oven.  The other good thing about these is they take very little effort, we were lacking in motivation as well.

Chinese Haystacks

2 bags chocolate chips (we tried one it wasn't enough)
1 bag Chow Mien noodles.

Dump the noodles in a big bowl.  Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave.  Pour the chocolate on the noodles and stir until well covered.  Plop spoonfuls out on wax paper.  No ideally they harden and you put them in a air tight container.  However, if it hot and humid out they need no go in the fridge for a while or the chocolate will not harden. 

This morning we pack up, pick up another girl and got on the freeway take them to the event which is an overnight thing at the fair grounds.  I am passing this slow van hauling a trailer and they swerve over into our lane.  I have to put on the brakes and then lay on the horn.  They get back over into the other lane and we pass them - what were they doing? - reading!  If I had almost just hit another car going 70 miles an hour and they honked at me, I would have put the book down.  Reading and driving don't mix.  Don't they cover that somewhere in Driver's Ed?

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