Friday, July 8, 2011

'63 Corvette Convertible

Spark has trouble keeping himself busy with things that don't involve the computer or video games.  If I tell him to do something he does it, but as soon as he has a free moment in his day, which in the summer is most of the time, he reverts to the t.v. or computer.  The book for open class at the county fair came out and a couple of the categories for the 17 and under crowd is model cars, trains, planes, etc.  Perfect, we will get him a model and he can put it together to keep himself busied. 

Off to the store we went to find a model for Spark.  As we were standing there perusing the selection, Dancer got all excited about these models as well, maybe even more so than Spark.  She picked out a '63 Corvette Convertible also known as the Sting Ray.  Almost the second we walked in the door she had the box out and was starting to put it together. 

Dad helped her cut off all the little tabs while Spark looked on.

The top view.  She has taken lots of photos of it so far but these are the best of the best.

And the side view.  I would have never thought to buy a model car for her - shows my kids can still surprise me.

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