Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Veggie Tales Apron

Made with pattern Simplicity 2319 and Bob and Larry Veggie Tale fabric.  I smile just looking at those little guys.  We have such good memories of watching the videos and sing silly songs in the car when the kids were little.   Actually we still watch them once in a while, Spark just had one out of the library last week.  The silly song on the new one wasn't as good as the old ones but it is hard to beat the Cheeseburger song, Cebu or Everybodies Got a Water Buffalo. 

This pattern has the adjustable straps where the neck strap is connected to the back ties and can be made longer or shorter.  I always think aprons have too long neck straps on them and end up putting a knot in the strap to make it shorter.  Also, since I am wearing shorts in the picture it looks like a jumper.  But we homeschool and isn't that the stereotype for homeschool moms, that we are jumper wearers?  For the record, none of my friends or I wear jumpers. 

I am going to put it in the fair next week so hope it wins a prize!  

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