Monday, July 18, 2011

County Fair

After vacuuming water for hours and hours, we took some time Saturday to go to a county fair.  We wanted to check over the 4-H projects and open class.  On the way in there was this little petting zoo.

This camel was so soft.  Dancer is feeding him snacks from one of those little gum ball dispenser like machines that they put corn in.  When he wasn't being fed he was licking the dispenser.  He knew where the food came from!

Spark went down this big slide, it looked pretty fun.  It was terrible muddy there and hotter than hot and so muggy it was almost hard to breath so we didn't stay very long.

The kids look so calm for having a dinosaur charging up behind them.

We stopped to look for a couple geocaches while we were out and these little birdie's mom flew out of a tree I was looking in and me scaring me half to death.  I thought she was a bat.  I don't like bats. 

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