Friday, September 23, 2011

He's Got His Dad's Sense of Humor

Grandpa Jerry makes a mean bowl of chili and no one knows this better than Spark.  When ever we get a container of it Spark "dibs" it, meaning it is all his.  This afternoon we stopped to see Grandma Pat and she gave us two containers of the coveted chili.  We got home and Spark agreed to share a bowl of it with me.  Here is the bowl I was served.

It is about a quarter of of cup, not quite what I had in mind when he asked if I wanted some.  He did come through with a regular sized bowl after he had had a good laugh.  I can't even say anything about it though because he comes by it honestly, it is exactly the kind of thing Dad would do.  Dad is known for giving the kids a potato chip and then when they say they want more he breaks the one chip into more pieces.  They are smart to him now and he doesn't get to play that one anymore.  Now it is their turn.   

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