Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Fun

We got a slow start to the day around here.  No laboring going on what so ever all morning.  By 2:00 we thought we should get something done and mowed part of the lawn.  Dancer mowed with the push mower for the first time and did a good job with it.  When we got about half done Dad said let's just take the canoe to the lake and do some fishing.

Nikki doesn't get to come with, she is just too hyper.  This is her home when we are away from home. 

The lake we like to go to.  It isn't very big so the waves don't get very big either.  Today a lot of it was a smooth as a mirror.  It was beautiful out there.

The kids took the canoe out and tried fishing on the other side of the lake.  They didn't catch anything.

Dad and I stayed on the dock and he caught a ton of snack size fish.  If there are any big fish in that lake we sure haven't seen them.  We only have three fishing rods so one us doesn't get to fish, we should probably get another one.  When the kids were little that was enough because it took one person just to keep their lines untangled and bait on their hooks.  Now that they are each able to man their own poles we could all have our own.

Dancer had a library book over due that was requested so it wouldn't renew.  We ran that in to town tonight because if you get the book in the drop box before the next day the library is open after the day your book is due it is still counted as on time. Her book was due on Saturday but if it's in there now before they check things in on Tuesday there won't be a late fee.  We picked up some things we needed at the store while we were in there.  There was hardly anyone out driving around or shopping, it was kinda eerie.  Maybe because school starts here tomorrow everyone is home getting ready for the big day.

We ended the day with a nice bonfire.  It is cold here, see your breath cold, so as soon as the fire burned down we were all high tailing it in the house. 

For a family that had nothing planned for the holiday weekend we sure had a good time.

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Amy Dingmann said...

Love those snack sized fish! We also had a "school starts for everyone else tomorrow" bonfire last night and the boys were surprised we could see our breath by the end of the night. I reminded them what state we live in, and that it will still probably get back up to 80 before all is said and done. ;)