Friday, September 16, 2011

Target Practice

Dad took Dancer to a shooting night put on by Pheasants Forever.  She got to shoot two boxes of shells at clay pigeons.  She LOVED it.  While we aren't able to shoot clay pigeons at home without a substantial monetary investment she can target shoot.

Dancer has had gun safety training but Spark has not, so before we started shooting Dad lined up two milk jugs and sent a bullet through them.  He wanted to make it very clear what would happen to a person if they got shot.  The bullet flew through both jugs with ease and water shot out of each jug in a stream so I think Spark got the point.

The target set up towards the swamp about 20 yards from where we were going to shoot.

Dancer taking a shot.  Spark didn't get to shoot, we just aren't comfortable giving him a loaded gun.  I know lots of kids shoot and hunt at his age but he needs to get a little more responsible before he gets to.

After each of us took a turn we would circle our shots.  Dancer is a pretty good aim for her first time.

Our target at the end of our rounds.  We seem to aim to the right and no, Kacheekers wasn't by the target when we were shooting.

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