Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make a Primary, Secondary And Tertiary Color Wheel

Using a paper plate, write the numbers 1 - 12 like a face of a clock.  Put the three primary colors on first, 12:00 is red, 4:00 is yellow and 8:00 is blue.  For the secondary colors mix the primary colors as you go around the clock.  At 2:00 mix red and yellow for orange, 6:00 mix yellow and blue for green and 10:00 mix blue and red for purple.  For the tertiary colors mix one primary color and the secondary color next to it.  At 1:00 mix red and orange, at 3:00 mix orange and yellow and so on around the wheel.  This is a really easy way for the kids, well for me as an adult too, to see the relationship between the colors and remember the combinations.

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Amy Dingmann said...

I wonder if this would help me with putting colors together for quilting?? ;) Great project, and my boys love it when we get the paints out.