Monday, September 5, 2011

Scenes from Sunday

A friend called to go geocaching up north, since nothing else was on the agenda we were more than happy to join them.  They live about ten minutes south of town and we live about 10 minutes north.  We waited at the end of the drive way so that when they drove by we would just pull out right behind them.  We were a little early and they were a little late so Dad had time to get out and snap a picture of us.  We don't usually ride together on these trips as it takes a long time for a whole van load of people to get in and out, and it is not as comfortable riding if you are all squished together, so we convoy.  The kids also have their spaces set up in the back of the car like a person would have their Lazy-Boy in the family room.  Dancer has a CD player and puzzle books or she reads.  We rarely hear a peep out of her.  Spark keeps his DS and gameboy in the car with the games so he is busy playing those or he usually a comic book or two.  The cooler is near so they can grab whatever snacks they want.  They also have all the other comforts of home, chap stick, flavor packets for their waters, gum, spoons, pencils, notepads etc.  Living so far out of town has sort of made the car our home away from home.

Didn't go swimming because there are huge serpents in the lakes up there!  Scary!

Even scarier!!

A pre-car.  A big hunk of iron.

Trekked down lots of beautiful hiking trails. Is Dancer trying to tell me I may be taking too many pictures?  Nonsense, I could never take too many!

SCORE!  This is a game we play in the car.  The first person to spy a yellow vehicle yells score and gets a point, although we have never actually kept score.  You have to yell it right away, even if you are mid sentence, or someone else will get it first.  At times we see so many it is hard to carry on a conversation.  I had no idea there were so many yellow cars until we started playing this game.  The game has become such second nature that we even yell score when watching t.v.

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LOL ... you can never take too many photos.

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