Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Willa Cather's Death

On April 24, 1947, Cather died in her New York apartment from a cerebral hemorrhage.

This was the same day as my mother's 18th birthday.  The year and date of Cather's death will now probably become one of those odd useless facts that I will remember forever.  I will be an old woman not be able to remember where I left my purse I just set down but will be able to tell you the date of her death.  Do you have any of those odd facts floating around in your head?

This came up because Dancer has been reading "My Antonia" and several of her other short stories.  She finished up the author by writing a short paper outlining Cather's life, childhood memories that influenced her writing, themes in her major works and awards she won. 

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