Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This, That and Other Things

On Friday the pump went out at 5:35 p.m.  Of course it couldn't have died during the day when we wouldn't have had to pay a plumber night time weekend rates.  The guy came out right away but Dad was already gone to work and I had to deal with him.  He said we needed to prime our water tank and didn't I know that?  No, I told him, I didn't.  I wanted to add, "If I did I wouldn't have called you now would I."  For the next 15 minutes he hooked up the air compressor to prime our water tank all the time telling how smart he was and how I should really know how to do this.  The whole time he was also straddling a big blue tank that we have right next to the pump.  After this amount of time he looks down and says, "oh, you have a self priming pump."  Who is the idiot now?  Again I didn't say that.

A skunk went through the yard.  Nikki, was barking and crazy so he must have been near.  The smell was so bad in the house it made our eyes roll back in our heads and our hair curl.  Not wanting to take Nikki out for her before bed piddle, in case he was still in the neighborhood, we just went to bed and hoped she would make it through the night.  She didn't, so I got to clean the carpets.  If you are going to do a little spot you might as well do the whole thing.

Dancer needs a retainer check at the orthodontist.  I have been putting of making the appointment until I could see what our schedule was going to be.  They can fit her in tomorrow at 12:30 and that was the only thing for the rest of the month that worked.  I guess we will be fitting it in.  I will drive 45 minutes both ways for a three minute appointment. 

Spark is the new president of our 4-H club.  I think it was because he spent all afternoon making campaign signs.  He was the only kid with signs, probably because he was the only kid who had the freedom to spend the afternoon making signs.  He is responsible to bring the American and 4-H flag to all meetings and the pledge banner.  I think that is the part that thrills him the most.  He has proudly told me a couple of times tonight what a responsiblity that is.  He has already found a bag to keep them all in for ease of carrying to the meeting. 

We got home from the meeting at almost 9:00 p.m. to find an email that there is a pot luck tomorrow night after Dancers ultimate frisbee game.  Guess we won't have to come home after the orthodontist appointment because we will be shopping for a tasty dish for the potluck.

My kids have never been very motivated to do any school.  Sure they fill in the blanks where needed and make a half hearted attempt to look like they are doing school but they could be doing a whole lot more.  After watching a news report that something like 40,000 kids applied to the U of M and only 14,000 were accepted, and their recommendation was that students take a rigorous course load if they want in, I started getting a little nervous.  Had a talk with her that she either needs to step it up or be happy with being in a low paying job with no hope for advancement.  Not that she needs to go to college but I would like her to make that choice herself when the time comes not have the choice made for her because she didn't do the work necessary to get into a college.  She has decided to step it up and has really been working hard with a whole new attitude.  It is amazing what a difference an attitude adjustment can make, she had complete understanding of her logic lesson the first time through.

We are going to try to learn Spanish the cheapest way possible, by watching children's t.v. shows.  We get seven regular Spanish channels and one movie channel so if nothing else I will feel like we are getting more out of the exorbitant dish bill we pay every month.   I had three years of high school Spanish, as did Dad, and one  year in college so we can at least tell them how to conjugate verbs, which is a lot like Latin, and some of the basic phrases.  We haven't gotten back to Latin yet but it is only Monday of the second week of the official school year.   

On Friday we got a phone call to invite us to join a small four family co-op.  They were looking for a boy Sparks age to round out their numbers. Normally I am not a fan of co-ops but the kids have really liked them when we have done them in the past.  I told myself it's not about me and I told the lady yes.  I got a list of books and art supplies a foot long that we have to buy.  Our first time having a school supply list and it is making me tense.  How do parents do this every year?  Only Spark will be part of the actual co-op, the older kids are going be teaching assistants at a place that teaches English to people new to the country.  This is way out of her comfort zone so I think it will be good for her to see she can do uncomfortable things.  I also think she will be great at it.

It has been hot, in the upper 80's the last few days.  The temps are suppose to dive so I hope that gets me more in school mode, it just doesn't seem right to be studying while sweating.  That reminds me of when I was young and would get new school clothes.  Everyone would want to wear the new ones the first day of school and we would all show up in corduroy and sweaters.  Now I can wear pajamas all day if I want, how great is that? 

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Just an Average American Mom said...


We have a lot pf service people around my area who feel the need to "toot" their horns yet can't produce the results to back that up.

I can't believe you have a school supply list for a co-op...kinda defeats the purpose huh.

I paid a small fee for my kids to be in this co-op but no supply list was needed. I think I would have probably said no thanks to that. To much like authority over my choice to be independent. Thats just me bucking the system :)

Enjoy those jammies. I am hoping to bust out my sweat pants...someday...soon...maybe.