Thursday, April 12, 2012

Angry Birds Eggs-pert Review Game

I made this game for our co-op science class as a way to review all the concepts from the year.    Spark saw the big bowl of egg and deemed that we needed to turn it into an Angry Bird theme by placing a couple birds on top of the nest. 

To divided the kids into teams I put three different kinds of mini candy bars in a bag, four of each kind because we have 12 kids, and the kids stuck their hand in the bag so they couldn't see what kind they were picking.  All the Baby Ruth's were a team and so on.  Of course, there was one kid who made a big fuss that he didn't like his candy bar, but when I told him to give to his mother to enjoy he manage to eat it himself.  To determine the order of play I had three more candy bars, one of each kind, and a mom drew them out to see which team was first, second and third. 

Each egg has a question in it and the teams take turns drawing an egg and answering the question.  Answer the question right and it goes into your egg carton.  If the team doesn't know the answer the team on their right can try to steal the egg by answering correctly.   

First team to get a dozen eggs wins!

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