Thursday, April 26, 2012

Belly Foot

Spark spends a lot of time down in the swamp part of our yard which has a steam that runs through it.  Today he came up with this 1.5 inch gastropod and tale to tell about it. 

"I was in the very middle of the stream and saw a snail zipping by sucked into its shell.  I chased after it, as I was running the water fogged up from dirt stirring up.  Then I grabbed the snail and since I didn't have container for him I had to dig a small bay on the side of the river bank.  I ran to the house and grabbed a jar.  I was so excited my dad and sister thought something bad had happened.  I ran back down to the swamp with the jar and picked up some rocks and sand from the stream floor and put them in the jar.  Then I went back to where I left the snail and put him tenderly in the jar.  I added the rocks and sand since they filter or bottom feed, I assumed he would eat anything that was floating in the water.  Now he is my pet.  I will get some swamp weeds to put in his jar.  His name is Jerry, named after Sponge Bob's snail Gary's cousin."

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Amy Dingmann said...

And that, my friends, is homeschooling. :)