Saturday, April 7, 2012


Spark was down in the creek and said he found some frog eggs.  He went down with a jar to get some and came back instead with this bad boy.

He is really large for a crayfish in our area, but when Spark did a little research on him we found out that the Rusty Crayfish is taking over lakes in large numbers and we wondered if he was one of them.

He clanked around in the beta fish bowl for a night.

Spark wanted to eat him, but only having one it seemed like it would be a lot of fuss for the little meat he would provide.  I have had them on pizza before and they are good.

One night of him living on the kitchen table was enough for this mom and the crayfish went back to where he came.

Spark was off looking for the next sign of wildlife he could capture.

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