Saturday, April 28, 2012

Firearm Safety Graduate

Spark in his graduation hat
So glad he was able to take this course this year as a 5th grader, one of the benefits of having a fall birthday.  The course is several weeks of classes at night in the winter and this winter was mild and the roads were always good.  The classes finished a couple of months ago but they still needed to do the safety part where they get to shoot and show that they can actually handle the guns safely.  This part is always later in the spring so that hopefully, because we are in Minnesota, there won't be snow on the ground or a snow storm.


Amy Dingmann said...

Love that graduation hat. Congrats, Spark!!

Shari said...

So cool to check in and see what your family has been up to! (I used to blog at Lifegetsmessy, now I have a new one at

Congrats to Spark!

Best Wishes,
Shari Dodd