Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

Dad worked this weekend so I was sort of dreading the whole Easter thing.  While Dad working every other holiday is a fact of life that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Our church meets on Saturday nights, but they have been feeling lead that there are people in the community that would come on the traditional Sunday morning as well.  The Sunday services were going to start this weekend to coincide with Easter Sunday.  Every second Saturday Dad and I are greeters/ushers and Dancer works in the nursery every second and fourth weekend. 

Since Sunday is the official second weekend of the month the pastor's wife called to see if we would be able to do our jobs on both Saturday and Sunday.  Sure we can, we have no plans.  Actually I was sort of glad because it would give us something to do and make the weekend seem a little different.  When we got there Saturday night the pastor's family asked if we wanted to go out to lunch on Easter because they didn't have any formal plans either.  Of course we could, who doesn't want to go out to lunch?

By Sunday after church another couple and a woman, who was attending for the time, joined us.  It was so fun!  Only sorry that Dad couldn't join us.  Spark was even sad last night that the weekend was going to end.

I am still not keen on attending church on Sundays, but have volunteered to do our jobs twice a month for at least three months.  At first I was inclined to say a hearty no, I never have trouble saying no, but then remembered a story about a missionary family.  This family was on the mission field and one day found a huge snake coiled up in their grill.  I thought, okay God, if someone can serve you with a snake in their grill - which would have had me on the next plane home - we can help on Sundays.

I also must say that I like hearing the sermon twice.  It was good to hear it Saturday night, have time to think about it in the evening and then hear it again in the morning. 

All in all, we had a very happy Easter :)  Oh, and the Easter bunny came.  I was a little worried because I made rabbit and dumpling soup for supper on Saturday night.  After I made it I thought maybe it wasn't the best choice to eat one of his comrades right before he was to arrive.  Would that be equal to eating venison on Christmas Eve?

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Amy Dingmann said...

I believe our family has enjoyed vension on Christmas Eve (and Christmas Day!) and has never had an issue with those reindeer arriving...