Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Boy Garage?

In a recent post I referred to the Boy Garage.  Some blog followers might be wondering "What the heck is the boy garage?"  We have two garges at our place.  They are both two car garages, one is located right next to (but not attached--about four feet away) the house.  This is the Girl Garage where the van is parked.  Across the drive way, about 25 yards from the house is the Boy Garage. 

The boy garage houses the truck (but just in the winter).  It is also home to the lawn mowers, weed whips, garden tiller, weed burner, fertilizer, pesticides, tools and many other manly things. 

When I tried to make this post I realized that there are very few pictures of the boy garage.  Apparently it is known for boring utility, not flashy blog worthy pictures like the glamorous girl garage shown above.  This dismantled grill was the start of our 4-H planter.

Note the important work occurring in front of the Boy Garage.  I wonder if "Man, bending over, changing tiller's air filter" will be a popular garden silhouette, like the lady pulling weeds? 

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