Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Woven Scandinavian Christmas Ornaments

The plan was that we would make these next week for our co-op Christmas party.  I ran into a little snag when the craft store only had five hoops and I need 15.  Good thing I didn't wait until the last minute to get the supplies because I needed to come up with another craft.

Since we had already picked out all the ribbon, and I love how these look, I got two hoops so that Spark and Dancer could each make one for our tree.  Spark's is on the left, Dancer's on the right.

To make these, take the hoop apart.  On the outside of the inside hoop put double stick tape, this makes it easier to weave the ribbon and keep it in place.  Weave different colored ribbons, as loose or full as you like, over the inside hoop catching the ribbons on the tape.  When done with the weaving put the hoop back together and tighten.  Dancer had a label that didn't want to come off neatly on the side of hers so she put the double stick tape around the outside and decorated with a piece of ribbon. 

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