Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stupid Sock Creatures

Using this book....

a couple of years ago I made Spark this Stupid Sock Creature.  He is pretty cute but mostly he lives under Spark's bed.  I had Spark drag him out for this post.  Now that he has surfaced he has become one of the favorites again.  If he is lucky he won't fall behind Spark's bed for a while and will enjoy a little sunshine.

Here is his close up. 

The whole reason this fellow came to be was because Dancer was cleaning her room.  He was started way back when I made Spark's creature.  This one has been living who knows where in her room in several pieces.  She brought him out and we finished him up since we have the sewing machine out.  These creatures aren't hard to make they are just tedious. 

There are a few things you can learn from this one.  First watch the pattern on the ears so that the design on each one is sewn on in the same direction.  I sewed the ears on all the way and then looked at them.  At that point I thought they looked great because I hate to rip out seams.  Second thing, I realized this when I went to sew the mouth, choose socks with a colored heel.  This one has the same mouth as the one on top even though it really isn't visible.  

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