Thursday, November 17, 2011

Candy Birthday Card

Dancer was invited to birthday party this weekend and, wanting to do something a little different, we made her a candy card.  We originally saw it as a Father's Day card but changed it around a bit to make it for a birthday. 

The hardest part about this was finding the candy.  Some of these, like the Now and Later, I hadn't heard of or they were hard to find.  The PayDay and the Whatchamacallit were looking like they weren't even going to be on the card.   We went to four different store to find it all and the Now and Later we found in a bulk candy bin.  I wished we known we would be making a card and had saved some of the Halloween candy as it would have made the card a lot more affordable.  Since we never buy candy at the check out I don't pay any attention to its price.  Just let me say that candy is expensive, very expensive, although now we have another reason to never be tempted by it when we are waiting to check out.  One of the bars we did end up buying a bag of fun sized because the cost was about half of what a single bar was per ounce (ha, we got a little consumer education lesson in there). When I was a little girl, every Sunday after church my brother and I would each get a dime to go into the grocery store and buy a candy bar.  Candy bars were a lot bigger then too.  I would always pick the Marathon bar, carmel covered with chocolate, which they must not make any more, because it was the longest candy bar.

Hope Dancer's friend likes it, I know I would!


Leah in Iowa said...

CUTE idea!!

Anonymous said...

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