Saturday, November 5, 2011

Goat Love

Calliope and Klaus are expecting babies!  Well at least we are pretty certain they are.  It has been about three weeks since they were together and when we put them together today Klaus took one sniff at her and ate some hay.  In the fall, boys goats are only interested in two things, hugging and eating and in that order.  Today Klaus was eating.  I don't know how they know if the doe is pregnant but they do.  By the way, hugging is what we call mating.  The barn yard is rather X-rated so when the kids were little we just said that the animals and chickens were hugging and the term stuck.  Hard to explain much else to a four year old.

I caught him giving her a little kiss, isn't that sweet?

She stuck her tongue out at him so I don't think she found it too sweet.

Turn about is fair play, he stuck his out right back at her.  Does this mean they aren't in love anymore?

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