Sunday, November 20, 2011

Curse You Carbs

Your stomach shouldn't be a waste basket.  - my new mantra

The last couple of months Dad and I have been having "carb slide."  Not a lot of carbs, just a bite here and a nibble there.  We have good excuses every time - it's Spark's birthday, he only has one a year - there wasn't hardly any low carb foods at the pot luck - I was super hungry and there were only carb options available - I exercised a lot today so I can have a few more carbs - it's sprouted grains so that shouldn't count because they are so called healthy - Dad ate some so I should be able to have some - yadda, yadda, yadda.  

We still "sorta" felt good.  The weight we had lost was creeping back on ever so slowly so we wouldn't really notice until we hit the spot of "oh, I have to tug on my pants just a little tiny bit to get them to button."   Yeah, I don't have as much energy but it gets dark out so early, that must be why.  My skin doesn't feel very nice but it must be weather changes and so on. 

Friday though was the tipping point.  After dropping Dancer off at the birthday party we heard that they were having pizza.  Yum, pizza.  Well Spark, Dad and I felt we deserved a treat too and we headed to Pizza Ranch.  Dad and I dove into the carbs that flow like water there - waffle fries, pizza crust, desert pizza and ice cream.  Ugh, I probably ate more carbs in one sitting that I do in two weeks when I eat right.  And the worse part, it didn't taste very good.  We had to stop for gas and while Dad was pumping the gas I pulled out the bag of Snickers we had left over from Halloween.  I thought, well I already blew it today why not enjoy a Snickers, it has been almost a year since I had gone down the really slippery slope of candy.  The Snickers really didn't taste good.  It tasted chemically, not even like food.  I asked Spark if his tasted good (he still eats carbs) and he said "yep, best Snickers I ever had!"  Probably because he was so shocked that he got a candy out of the blue on a Friday night.

I got up Saturday morning and had gained four pounds.  All those carbs had me retaining water and yuck I could feel it.  Bloat, bloat, bloat.  "I feel fat."  I told Dad.  "You look fine."  He says.  One, because that is what husbands are suppose to say and two, I don't think he wants the carb train to pull into the station.  So for dinner I make chicken and rice and eat the rice.  And then have seconds of rice. 

Fast forward to this morning and I feel like puke.  I was as tired when I got up as when I went to bed, my face is puffy, every joint is protesting that they don't want to move and I am ultra thirsty.  Dad admits that he feels crappy too.

We make a pact that we need to get back on the low carb bandwagon again.  Even Dancer, who follows a low carb diet pretty well, said she didn't really enjoy her pizza Friday night and wasn't feeling her usual chipper self.  Thanksgiving is this week, we aren't having turkey so there will be no stuffing, cranberries etc., so we need to pull it together so as not to make it easy to slide right through Christmas and New Years and end up gaining back all we had lost and not feeling well.  There are parties and a cookie exchange coming up, add to that what the kids eat around here.  Plus my morning blood sugars are creeping up so I am sure it won't be long before they all do.  So, I rebuke you demon carbs!!!

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Swimtaxi said...

The Battle of the Carbs just in time for the holiday ... MERCY!

LOL, but I wish you much luck