Monday, November 21, 2011

Giving Thanks For New Tires For The Van

On Saturday, when we were out driving in our sudden snow storm, it seemed as though we were slipping and having a harder time getting going at the stop lights than other people were.  Even people who were driving little bitty cars.  In the paper it said that there were 200 accidents reported in three hours so I am also thankful that we were not one of them.  When I asked Dad why he thought we were spinning so much he said, so matter a fact like I should have known, that we have bad tires who's tread had almost all worn off.  Imagine walking on ice in leather soled shoes and that is what we were driving on. 

Today, my knight of a husband, promptly took the van in and got new tires put on so the kids and I would be much safer driving.  The plan was to only get two but when the guy looked at them he suggested we get a back tire as well.  Last year we had an unfixable flat and so there was one new tire in the back already and he said it wasn't very safe to drive around with three good tires and one bad.  There was a $50 rebate if you bought four tires and the man was nice enough, since he remembered we had bought the other tire there (one of the benefits of doing business in a small town), he gave us a slip for the rebate.

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