Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011 Complete

We went to a homeschool party yesterday afternoon.  There was a potluck, games, talent show and the kids paraded through the nearby nursing home where the residents were just as dressed up as the kids.

Spark didn't bring with all of his Link gear, he only wore the tunic because carrying the shield and other paraphernalia slowed him down while he was trying to party and also trick or treating last night.  Without the props people wondered if he was the Keebler Elf or Peter Pan.  Although adults didn't know who he was, all the kids recognized his costume right away.

Dancer switched it up yesterday and instead of being a soccer player she was a box of Cherrios.  To the untrained eye it looks as though she is just wearing a t-shirt, kind of the un-costume.

Last night we went into town so Spark could trick or treat where the houses are closer than a half a mile apart from each other.  This is the first year Dancer didn't trick or treat, sort of sad but I was happy to have someone to talk to while the trick or treating was commencing since Dad had to work on Halloween yet again.  The temps were in the high forties so we walked along with him in one neighborhood but then our fingers got cold so we just drove along the side of the road in the car while he ran from house to house. Lots of parents do this with the bigger kids and there was a line of us creeping through the neighborhoods. He collected a huge bag of candy in about an hour.  One smart lady told the kids at her door that she had a trick.  They had to give her a piece of candy and then she would give them a piece of candy.  Smart woman, that way she wouldn't run out of candy for the night.  Spark was happy about it, he said he unloaded an Almond Joy, which he doesn't like, and got a Kit Kat in return. 

He gave half of his candy to his sister to put out for the Sugar Sprite Fairy last night.  She took their candy off the front porch sometime during the night and left Spark a Lego Star Wars set and Dancer finger nail polish and gum.  Good deal for her, she flew away with probably five or six pounds of candy.  Well, at least I hope she was able to fly with all the sugar.  A lot of cardio workouts are probably in her future.

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