Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Homemade Apple Juice

I don't usually buy juice but I do pick it up, if and only if there is a really good store coupon, to have on hand if we have to bring the beverage to a meeting or potluck.   The bottle was sitting on the counter to be put away as Dad was making apple juice from all the apples my parents have blessed us with this fall.  We were amazed at the color difference between homemade and store bought.  You could read through the bottle of store apple juice so I really wonder what the definition of 100% is since it is made from concentrate but water is the first ingredient (ingredients on food labels are list by weight in descending order).  Ours is thick and has a nice foam on the top, like a glass of beer.  Not sure why it foams but that settles down when it sits in the fridge.  Looking at the two of them side by side, I will take mine homemade thank you.


MamaTea said...

Yum. Homemade apple juice!

Scary when you compare the differences between homemade anything and store anything side by side, isn't it?

* Crystal * said...

Wow!! What a difference!

Apples are a luxury item here most of the time......No apple orchards in west Texas :( I would love to try homemade apple juice, I can just imagine how good it is.