Thursday, November 24, 2011

We Feasted

 On prime rib, Dad makes the best ever. 

All the side dishes - broccoli salad, seven layer salad, carrot casserole, brussel sprouts (Grandma Pat brought these because they are her favorite but we all found out Grandpa Bob loves them too), olives and buns.

We finished off the meal with pumpkin pie made by Dancer.  Her first ever and it was so yummy I think that will be her job from now on.

Then we sent lots of left overs home with everyone because our refrigerator decided that yesterday, after we had shopped, would be a good time to die.  The repair man said it would be about $700 to maybe, a big maybe, fix it so tomorrow we are going shopping.  I had so hoped to avoid town on Black Friday but that out of the question now.  It was better than losing the stove and there was plenty of snow to pack coolers with.  However, we are having way above average temps (it got in to the high 50's today and is suppose to be that way until the weekend) and the snow is all melting.  It looks more like spring outside than fall.  We are keeping the coolers outside because at least it is colder than the house, especially in the shade, and taking advantage of the garage being a little colder for the things we can't get in the coolers.  Such is life.

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Swimtaxi said...

YUM about the meal, but rats about your frig.