Sunday, November 6, 2011

Giving Thanks For Food In Our Cupboards

While Spark was mowing the lawn, Dancer and I walked along the edge of the field and picked up a few corn cobs left behind after the field had been combined.  We picked the kernels off and gave them as treat to the goats.  I told Dancer that I was thankful that we were not Ruth and Naomi, having to the walk the edges of the field to find food that the harvesters had missed.  Imagine if we had to take this hard, dried, mud covered corn back to the house and try and make it into something for dinner so that we wouldn't starve.  We also had the choice to stop looking because it was cold and the wind had quite a bite to it making our fingers numb.  If this was our only hope for a meal we would have been out there no matter how cold we got.   When I came in to make lunch I thought of how very thankful I am for the food in our cupboards.

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MamaTea said...

It is good to be thankful. :)