Friday, November 25, 2011

A New Fridge, or The Ice World Hoth

Today we went to get a new refrigerator as ours inconveniently quit working
Wednesday afternoon.  Especially unfortunate as we just bought new tires on Monday.

After the new appliance arrived I started putting in food, which had been stored in coolers on the front porch.  There wasn't much to go into the freezer, most of that stuff was transferred to the big freezer, eaten or thrown out.  When I opened the  freezer door to toss in a bag of corn I was surprised by the following sight: 

An odd Star Wars diorama had already claimed the space. As told by Spark--The evil Emperor Lorg stole the robotic data pig and is holding him in a cage in this ice cave.  Jonathon came to fight the evil emperor and rescue the data pig.

The cook.  Suspicious that a chef would come along to a pig rescue.  Is that a treasure chest or a portable oven?

Jonathon fighting Emperor Lorg.

The poor imprisoned data pig.

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Swimtaxi said...

Ha-ha-ha ... love the Lego battle.