Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Watering Wednesday

It became apparent today that we have all become a little obsessed with the little African Violet that sits on our counter.  It is a violet that Dancer started from just one leaf last spring, more about it here.

Every week, either Spark or myself, will ask Dancer if she has watered her violet on Wednesday.  Some weeks I will sing a little song to ask her and one week we even made up a "It's time to water the violet?" dance. 

This morning even Dad asked Dancer if she had watered her violet, he has gotten violet fever too. 

We not only wonder about if she watered it or not, we also spend a lot (well a lot for a plant) time talking about the violet and counting how many leaves it has.  When it gets a new leaf it is time for celebration!  Yes, we live a simple life.

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