Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mustang Rally

There was Mustang Rally in the state today and it came right by our house.  We stood out on the lawn and waved as they went by.  Lots of the drivers waved or honked their horns.  Spark was so excited that he thinks we should run right out and buy one now.  There must have been Mustangs from almost every year.  Spark went right inside to look it up and found the sight that said that there were 75 in the rally.  They must have gotten separated by traffic lights because a long line of them would come up over the hill and drive by our house and then a couple minutes later another long line and so on.  This picture isn't one that came by our house.  We figured by the time we ran in to get the camera they would  be all gone plus then we would miss seeing them.

It was odd that we even saw them go by our house, if they had been five minutes sooner or later we would have missed them.  Dad and Spark went into town this morning to the hardware store and on the way home saw a sign that said Mustang Rally and pointed to turn on the road that goes by our house.  Dad didn't give it any more thought.  This afternoon we were out behind the barn working in the garden and had just sat down for a break.  We each had a can of soda and as we were getting up I told Dad to come and look at the garden up behind the house to see how good it was doing despite the lack of peas and beans that have come up.  As we were up there Mustang after Mustang drove by.  We yelled for the kids, Spark was behind the barn and Dancer was mowing lawn, to come and see.  It was truly a delightful, unexpected surprise in our day! 

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Just an Average American Mom said...

Oh how fun. We always hear the boys in the back of the car yelling about this car or that when we go into town.

It is truly a boy thing that is catching on for my youngest and only girl.