Sunday, July 11, 2010

We don't need much a reason....

to head up the road to go shopping.  Dad needed new scrub pants and so we used that as an excuse to get out a bit and go to a Super Walmart.  There is a Walmart closer to us but it is dirty, busy, messy, over crowded, the prices are kinda high and it' s not a Super Walmart.  If we go the other direction from our house, there is one about 10 miles further than the closer one.  It is in much smaller community so it is not very crowded.  The store is a hundred times cleaner, the aisles don't have merchandise laying on floor, the workers are friendly, and the prices are much lower.  The only drawback is that even though it is a Super Walmart they don't have a lot of selection or departments.  We don't really go for the shopping though, we just go to take a ride and get out of the house.   When ever we go there in the summer we get sandwiches and go to the park for dinner.  

The park is beautiful and on a lake.  Here is Spark starting to walk out on the fishing pier.

In the lower left hand corner of this picture are two little ducks trying to stay afloat in the waves.  The mother is sleeping on the log, she is hard to see.  The dad was further down the log keeping watch, they must take turns sleeping.  Perhaps they should both stay awake though since they only had two ducklings left and they didn't look to be more than a few days old.  We just thought it was funny these little ducks barely hanging in there as the mom sleeps.  I am sure the dad was thinking, they'll be fine, where as the mom would have been telling them to be more careful.

Dancer got a new pair of sunglasses so we needed a picture of those.  She has been wanting a pair for a long time but just hasn't been able to find the right pair.  At $5.00 these were the right pair. 
There is a beautiful flower garden with a fountain right in the middle of it.

Of course the water beckoned to Spark and he just couldn't stay out of it.  I think this little water fountain sculpture is just the ugliest one I have ever seen in my life.  It is of two kids holding an umbrella.  Their faces aren't done very well and the girl has on bright red lipstick and fingernail polish.  I wonder if someone hasn't repainted it over the years and thought they would put a few personal touches on it. 

On the way home, Dad turned to see where a camp ground was and then we got tangled up between lakes and didn't have any idea where we were.  One county over is where we ended up when we finally came to a town.  That was okay though, it made a nice Sunday afternoon drive.  That makes us sound old  when I say "Sunday Drive."  We don't have a GPS system, it would be pretty hard to have adventures if you always know where you are.

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