Friday, July 30, 2010

Now what?

What do we do now?  Today was the first day in a long time that we didn't have something that needed to get done or a deadline looming.  When one is trying to procrastinate they have a different feeling than when they have nothing to do.  We sort of felt a bit lost. 

On the way home yesterday we stopped at the library to pick up a book Dancer had on hold.  She will start reading again as her reading ban is off.  We actually limit her reading time and she has been banned from reading the last few weeks except for doing research on one of her projects.  I know it sounds odd coming from a homeschool mother, or any mother for that matter, that they won't let their child read but her reading gets in the way of other things.  She can sit for hours upon hours and stay up till the wee hours of the morning reading.  Sitting is sitting and fiction is fiction so it gets to the point where it isn't much different from watching t.v.  Good in appropriate doses, but not for seven or eight hours a day where she doesn't want to do anything else.  Now I understand getting lost in a good book that to put it down someone almost has to rip it out of your clenched fingers, but every book seems to be like that for her.  One of the reasons I don't read very much is because other things don't get done.   She has been like this since the day she was able to read her first sentence and she was an early reader.  Now she would happily read a novel a day.  I don't want her reading about someone else's life when she should be living her own.  The next few weeks though, when there are no other obligations, she can read to her hearts content.

Back to stopping at the library.  While we were there they were having a book sale, hard covers $0.25 and paperback were 2 for $0.25 so she picked out a few book.  Normally we don't buy books, just check them out of the library because she reads them so fast we couldn't support her reading habit, but at that price she picked up a few.  When she is done we can pass them on to someone else or take them to the food shelf.  They had a lot of good classic little kid titles and I hope they were selling them because they had so many copies, not because no one is reading them.   Spark picked out a book of fairy tales as he has started to enjoy reading and he finds fairy tales amusing.

The school books for the beginning of next year came yesterday.  The kids eagerly went through the box and oohed and awed over them.  They wanted to get started on school but I just want to wait for a while.  It is good they are excited but I want time to go through them and get things lined up instead of just diving into them willy nilly. 

I also don't want to start school this early because I want to get somethings organized around the house and decluttered.  We are planning on getting a dumpster in August and pitching a lot of junk from the garages so we can make better use of the space.  Once we start school and our fall schedule there really isn't the time to dedicate to it to get the job done well.

Dancer was already feeling a little antsy last night and picked out a afghan pattern that she wants to do for next years fair.  Spark too has been talking about what things he will want to try next year.  I don't have anything going either, which is a really weird feeling.  I do have a cross stitch, that I started when Dancer was a baby, that I should finish.  I should make that my goal before I start anything else.

The whole day wasn't spent sitting around, we did run into town.  Spark is launching his rocket tomorrow at the fair so he needed a engine and watting, whatever that is.  Dancer picked out the color of yarn she wanted to use for her new afghan project.  I think we put together every yarn color combination possible before she chose one.  We also made a trip to the grocery store and a store to get a few school supplies I saw we didn't have when I was scanning Spark's curriculum.  While we where there we also had diner at Pizza Ranch.  We love that place.  I am not a huge pizza fan but everyone else is so they have pizza while I have chicken.  Come to think of it Dancer usually has chicken sticks while we are there and skips the pizza too.  Either way, we are all happy. 

We are back to the fair tomorrow so our boredom will be broken!

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