Monday, July 12, 2010

Awarded and Award!!

Thank you, thank you All American Family X 5 !  We are honored.

First things first, we are to tell seven things about ourselves.  This was hard, there isn't much that we haven't already told on our blog.  After brainstorming, we have come up with seven bits of useless, but untold before this post, information about ourselves.

1.  Dancer and I always have our toe nails painted.  We have done each others nails and over the years it has become a tradition.  The person getting their nails painted sits in the recliner with their feet up as the other person takes the old polish off and puts new on.  I always have nice looking toe nails now but when Dancer was little I had more like painted toes.  We do toenails because back in the day when I had painted toes, instead of nails, I could always wear socks and the whole world wouldn't know that my pedicurist was a four year old.  We also do toes because she picks the color.  Right now I have lime green toenails.  Again, if we are going somewhere I can wear socks, where as lime green fingernails on a 44 year old screams "dork" to the world.

2.  Before Dad was a nurse we owned a collection agency.  Dad sort of fell into collections part time after college which soon turned into full time and pretty soon ten years had gone by.  Actually he was a skip tracer for many years, then did international collections and finally had a successful company with a friend.  He started out in college with the plan to do something medical and over the years he kept feeling that God was pulling him back in that direction but he didn't heed the call.  Then one day in his office, I don't know if he hear a voice or what, got a stronger calling and told our co-owner that day he was selling out and came home and told me.  The company is still up and running.

3.  We have outdoor cats and an indoor dog.  Most folks we know have indoor cats and outside dogs.  Although most folks we know have hunting dogs and they really aren't conducive to laying on the couch.

4.  We only have five pieces of furniture we bought and the rest were free cast offs.  Way back in the early days of our marriage we bought a couch and chair set.  The chair we have had recovered but the couch is a sad, lumpy, saggy sight now.  We also bought a rocking chair when Spark was to be born because the one before that I wore out rocking Dancer.  A few years ago we bought a cheapy coffee table and I bought our kitchen table at a garage sale for $40.  Our other furniture is nice, it just seems that when people get tired of what they have and buy new they haul their old stuff to our house.   

5.  We have expanded satellite t.v. just to have classic cartoons.  We have over 250 channels and we rarely watch t.v.   It's just that the three or four channels we do like are on the top tier of the programing guide.

6.  Both Dad and I have grandfathers who immigrated here from Sweden.  Mine was my mom's dad and his was his dad's dad.

7.  Dad worked at Dairy Queen 25 years ago the summer they introduced the Blizzard.  The kids can not believe that he would have ever quit that job!  They can't image a better career than making Blizzards and argument of "making Blizzards doesn't pay the bills" has no effect on them.

Now to pass the torch onto other wonderful versatile bloggers.  Grab the award and tell us seven things about yourself.  

There are many other fabulous blogs out there but I have run out of time to look up their address before I need to post this and get the kids going on something. So if your blog isn't listed please don't be offended, or think I don't think your blog is worthy, it is, just consider yourself awarded.


Stacy said...

Thank you!! And, I'll have to tell my son the Blizzard story. One of his top career options right now is Dairy Queen worker. He's also considering being a mascot of an ice cream cone that stands outside ice cream stores and waves to people. Kid sure can dream big. *laugh*

Thank you, though - I love awards :)


jugglingpaynes said...

Thank you for the award! I'm working on the post for it, hopefully I'll have it up by the weekend!

Peace and Laughter,