Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I have a job title!!!!

You know when you go to fill out an application for something, or at the doctors office for some reason, and it, or they, ask you what your job is?  I always say, "I don't work" and then I give them the smile that says "and I do feel sorry for you because you have to sit behind that desk 2,080 hours a year while I am free as a bird."  But that is all changed now because I am a femivore! 

I will tell you what a femivore is in case you are one too and you just didn't know it.  A femivore is a homemaker who takes care of her family, cooks with wholesome food, gardens, knits or crochets, sews, cans or freezes food, lives simply and frugally, trys to reduce their carbon footprint and may even raise animals or homeschool her children all while wasting her education.

I could also call myself a "Radical Homemaker."  Me, radical, who knew, but I am feeling feistier already.  I bet my grandmother and mother would have had a good laugh over this one since being a femivore was business as usual for them and they didn't even have air conditioning. 


Just an Average American Mom said...


Me too! Me too! Finally, I can fill in that little blank line with something that will have the person on the other end, scratching their head!

Someone is very creative with words!

Oh by the way I am DARN PROUD to be a femivore!

jugglingpaynes said...

I like Personal Educational Consultant, but I guess yours would cover what certain people think of us!

Peace and Laughter,