Tuesday, June 22, 2010

4-H camp pictures

Making a human knot. 
Making duct tape bracelets
They told the kids they didn't have very much toilet paper for camp on the first day and they should take however much they think they are going to need for the rest of camp.  There was plenty of toilet paper but for every square they took they had to tell one thing about themselves.
Spark being blindfolded.  He would then throw a ball and other kids would run around with hula hoops trying to get the ball through the hoop.
Lining up to get water balloons.  The counselors have pantyhose on and the kids raced to see who could get the most water balloon in their counselors pantyhose before all the balloons were gone.

Racing with a balloon between their legs around a cone.  When they got back to the starting point they passed the balloon on to the next camper in line.

Bleaching their camp shirts.

They made up their own Greek plays and then acted them out at the campfire.

Lined up to come back home.  Spark was sad to leave.

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Just an Average American Mom said...

How fun!

They looked like they had an awesome adventure to talk about until next year!