Friday, June 18, 2010

The gangs all here

Wednesday dropped Dancer off for camp in the morning and picked Spark up from camp in the afternoon.  A whole week with only one kid here at a time.  It is odd to only have one, they also act very differently when they are alone with us compared to when they are both here.    The noise level is also different.  Neither of them is overly loud but there is definitely a difference when there is only one. 

I am happy they are both here safe and sound. I was so worried about Spark going off to camp and all the perils that could befall him.  His camp experience was fine, he came back unscathed.  During Dancer's three days there the weather got bad.  Our area was on The Weather Channel, that is when you know that you have bad weather.  There were several tornadoes and a few touch downs.  Where Dancer was there was a tornado warning.  I kept watching the t.v. for the radar, there was no other programing, only weather on all the regular channels.  We have satellite t.v. so there is no local weather for us we have to rely on the weather from the twins cities.  They kept extending the time for the warning to be done from 6:45 to 7:00 and then to 7:30.  Grandma lives about 10 miles from where the camp was and I was on the phone to her a couple times to see how it was in her area.  It was a very stressful evening but the storms passed by without a tornado.  I didn't call the camp because I assumed if something had happened we would either get a call or it would have made the news.

When we picked her up today, one of the first things I asked about was the storm.  They spent three hours in the bathroom, even had dinner in there, because it was the only brick building.  The rest of the time they sang songs and other goofy stuff to pass the time.  She said the head of the camp stood outside the door with a radio listening for reports and watching the sky.  Once she came in and they shut the door otherwise they were able to have the door open.  Dancer said she seemed really worried and tense, saying that she was glad it was the big kids at camp when it happened and not the little ones who probably would have been panicking.  I can't blame her for being worried, that is a lot of other people kids to be responsible for. Thankfully it was only rain, thunder and lightening and heavy winds.

On the trip home from getting Dancer, her and Spark sang camp songs and trade stories.  They were both super excited to tell each other what they had done.  It was kinda odd that they both went to the same camp and had the same experiences, just on different days.  I am just glad that tonight we are all home and safe where I can see them.


Just an Average American Mom said...

Oh what an eventful time.

One of mine heads off to camp on the 28th for a week and then the other two head off next month on the 24th. I am nervous but will have to deal with it.

I am glad everything turned out all right with the weather.

We have tornadoes around here every spring and fall. I am deathly afraid of them and go into panic mode.

Stacy said...

After homeschooling for a few years, I sent my son to school this spring. Having just my daughter at home was so...odd. It was so hard to adjust to the quiet and the simplicity!

Glad camp went well!