Tuesday, June 29, 2010

4-H day camp counselor!

Dancer had her first day as a 4-H day camp counselor.  Two of her best friends are also camp counselors so she is really excited about it.  The two years between being a camper and being old enough to be a counselor were sad for her.  She loves to sing the songs, do the crafts, and play the games.  Now she gets to do all that and be a leader. 
The counselors also get to do skits for the kids and she really enjoyed that too.  The skits will be so good for her.  She is one of the shyest kids on the plant.  We use to practice what she could say if someone she knew said hi to her.  She does better now because she has her list of responses down pat when she needs them and it come much easier for her.  She has trouble calling someone on the phone too, even friends.  Can you imagine a teenager that doesn't like to talk on the the phone?  Young kids can be shy and get away with it but older kids come off as a snob if someone says hi and they don't say anything back.  She can get up and dance in front of 100's of people at a time but to have to say a word sends her into tears.  Perhaps it is because she always thought the counselors were so cool and now she gets to do it that she didn't think about acting out a skit and just went ahead and jumped in.  Either way, I am so excited about it.  Of course, I won't tell her that because I don't want to draw attention to the fact that she is doing it.  Maybe I will after the last camp and all the skits are done. 

 I didn't want her to tell to much about camp because Spark hasn't gone to his day camp yet, he is going to the very last one, and I don't want to ruin it for him by knowing everything they are going to do. 

One of the girls is staying over tonight as they have another camp tomorrow morning in another town.  We took them swimming tonight and had the beach to ourselves.  Because of our cold rainy June so far the water is still really cold.  It took them a long time to even get wet. 

There is a list of rules that need to be followed with "zero tolerance" in capital letters at the bottom of the sign posted at the beach.  One of the rules is that there is no swimming outside the buoys.  If you are swimming outside the buoys you really aren't at the beach anymore and then the rule wouldn't apply to you.  I said the kids, what do you think they do if you swim outside the buoys?  Does someone come and take your towel?  Another rule is that there is no life guard on duty.  Does that mean there is zero tolerance on saving someone?  Hmmm, I hate stupid rules, save rules for the big stuff.  I wonder who thinks these things up, they must have sounded good at the time or did they need enough things to fill up the sign.
This momma duck must have read the sign and took it seriously because she took her little brood all the way across the beach and never went outside the buoys. 

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Just an Average American Mom said...

Sounds like you all are having a good summer.

I hope the kids have lots of fun!