Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer at it's finest

At Grandma's there is a pool that the kids took full advantage of.  Both of our kids float like corks.  Spark can even put his hands behind his head and cross his ankles.  Dad stood on the roof of the pool house to take the picture, it kind of has a deck on top so it wasn't like he was balancing on the peak.

After this we went home and both kids got a math lesson in.  All the schools around here are done for the year today and we are sort of getting back into the swing of school again.  The beginning of April found us burnt out on school so we pretty much stopped everything except for a math and Latin lesson here and there.  More there than here.  Now that we have had a couple of months basically off they are settled down and able to concentrate again.  I want the kids to be doing something constructive most of the day, hours and hours of video games or fluff fiction reading doesn't not count as constructive.  If it is hot and humid in the afternoons we get a little learning in at least a few days a week around the rest of our schedule.  That will vary week to week but we keep on through the summer for the most part.  I would guess that September and October will have us looking for a break again. 

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Just an Average American Mom said...

That's what we do! Take a break and get our focus back.

Love that pool. I would really like it better if I could be swimming in it!