Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dance recital

Dancer had her last dance recital as a show line dancer.  Next year she will be taking a tap class that only performs at the spring recital and has no dance shows, no competitions and no summer classes.  I already feel this huge weight lifted off of us.  If she finds she really, really misses it she can always try out next year for a spot on a show line.  I am excited for her to try some new activities and I really don't foresee her missing it.  It will be different though, out of the ten years she has danced seven have been on a show line.

As usual, she was absolutely gorgeous dancing and made us so proud that she was our daughter.  The flowers she is holding were from Grandma.  Grandma took the picture so I jumped in to get in a picture with the kids, something we have very few of because I usually take the pictures.  After the second show we went to Pizza Ranch to celebrate her year in dance.  Fun, fun day.

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Just an Average American Mom said...

She is beautiful!

Great way to end this chapter.