Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just girls

With Spark gone and Dad working both the nights he is at camp it is just down to me, Dancer and Nikki our dog - all girls.  I miss Spark terribly but it has been fun to spend so much time with just Dancer.   Of course we talk and what not when Spark and Dad are here but the dynamic is just so different with just the two of us. 

My goal for when Spark was at camp was to get his room cleaned.  It is bad, like the show about hoarders bad.  He cannot stand to throw anything away and he can't stand to have anyone else throw anything away, so if Dancer is cleaning her room and getting rid of things, he scoops them up and takes them in his room.  When we went through boxes for the garage sale this spring, he picked out a lot of things and brought them into his room.  He even keeps foil candy wrappers and rocks and oh, just a bunch of other stuff I am not able to understand.  Dancer has been helping me and we have gone through a bunch of bins that he has just dumped things into and we are trying to sort their contents out.  I told her I feel like it is big pile of yarn that he stuck an egg beater into.   Then to top it off, I opened his dresser drawers to see what he had in them.  Nothing.  Absolutely nothing!  He has been cleaning in there the last month, it was suppose to be clean before he went to camp, but I don't know why he would empty his drawers and not put his clothes back in them.  That does explain a lot of the mess, there were clothes everywhere, we couldn't even see the floor.

We also stopped on the way home from dropping him off yesterday and bought Super Mario Bros. Wii.   Her and I sat up until after 1:00 a.m. last night playing it.  We have also been playing it on and off today as a break from working on Spark's room. 

Dancer got her permanent retainer today so we ran into town this forenoon.  She doesn't go back to the orthodontist now until October, that will be odd, it seems like we are always there.  While I was waiting for her during her appointment I thought, this is like years of prenatal visits where you go every month.   She got her before and after pictures today and wow, they look great.  Her teeth were so bad before, they weren't even comfortable in her mouth.  She had some of her top teeth behind her bottom teeth, some of her adult teeth had come in but the baby ones hadn't fallen out so and other problems.  It definitely was way beyond cosmetic so it would have been nice if insurance would have covered it.  We are just happy they are all lined up where they belong now. 

Dancer leaves tomorrow for camp so tonight she is packing, showering and fixing her smudged finger nails.  She painted them 4-H green and likes them to be perfect.  When she is done we are going to watch the new Alice in Wonderland and get to bed early so we can have her at the bus stop bright and early in the morning.

It has rained here 13 out of the 15 days of June so far.  Everything is wet and the house and everything in it feels damp. The trees all have green, mossy lichen stuff growing on them like a spooky forest, mushrooms have started popping up all over the yard and from so many cloudy days the grass and trees are an odd sort of bright green.  Tonight the sun has been peeking out a little bit and there is fog all around the house.   It gives me a sort of eerie feeling like, is anyone else out there?  It has gotten much heavier just in the few minutes since I took this picture.   Glad we are already done with chores and can just stay inside.   

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