Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to spray a fire extinguisher

On the advice of our insurance agent, we got a fire extinguisher that was due to be recharged and all of us tried spraying it.  We took all these pictures so that Dancer can make a safety poster as a 4-H project. 

This label tells the kind of fire the extinguisher is for.  A is for ordinary combustibles such as wood or paper.  B is for flammable liquids such as gasoline or cooking oils.  C is for electrical equipment.

This tag is for the human health label for the stuff inside the fire extinguisher.  This one would be that the chemical is a dust, nuisance, and irritant.  It is not flammable or will not react with other chemicals.

First step, break off the tag that keeps the pin in and says that the tank has chemical in it.  A fire extinguisher is only good for one use and then it needs to be reserviced

Pull out the pin so that the handle can be squeezed.

Take off the hose from the clip and it is ready to go.

Dad made a fire in the fire pit for us to practice on.  Dancer is spraying it low because the fire doesn't go out unless all the area where there is flame is sprayed with the chemical.  I would have thought one puff would have done it but it didn't, the flame came right back up where there was no chemical.

After the fire was put out it is covered with a fine chalk like dust.  It did work fast when we were aiming it right.


The rest of the can we took turns spraying into the air.  Spark was really getting into this.  It sprayed huge clouds of the dust and drifted off across the road.  I wonder what people driving by thought as there were a few cars.  Although it seemed like there was a lot in the extinguisher it didn't last very long so if you thought you might need to use one on a fire, you would want to grab an extinguisher as soon as you think a fire is out of control and be deliberate on where you spray it.  I am glad we tried this because it was not quite what I was expecting it to be like.  Even though we feel confident we could use one reasonably well and quickly, I hope I never need to use one an actual fire in my house or barn. I can do without that drama in my life.  In the future though,  I think every time our extinguisher is in need of charging we will do a little refresher on how it works.

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Oh I would have loved doing that. Hummm...Seems to me we have a fire extinguisher in the garage, umm...honey our fire extinguisher needs to be serviced.

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