Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bring an extra sandwich

All summer Dancer has been a camp counselor at 4-H day camps.  Today was the last one and finally, finally, Sparks turn to go.  The camp he chose just happened to be the last one so he has been ever so patiently waiting to go. 

At every one of these camps it seems there has been someone who hasn't had any lunch, or a very sparse lunch, and Dancer has shared her lunch with them.  I don't know if they are kids that their families can afford to send lunch or they just weren't organized enough in the morning to get it together, but either way, they are lunchless.  At the first camp she gave away half her lunch so that someone else could have at least half a lunch.  Since then she has been packing an extra sandwich which has never gone uneaten.  One time she still ended up sharing her lunch even with the extra sandwich.

Last night, as she was getting her and Spark's lunch ready, she said, "and there is the extra sandwich" as she was wrapping them up and putting them in the fridge.  When she said that I started to think about where I should be bringing an "extra sandwich."   I don't often eat bag lunches with other's but I do have plenty of opportunity where I could bless someone with an extra something.  Even something so small as a piece of gum or a can of soda could make someones day.  Dancer, you have taught me well.

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