Saturday, August 28, 2010

New car

Here it is, our new to us car.  We didn't want a new car, but we were starting to wonder if we were going to make it to where we were going in the old one.   In fact, next week when we need to go to the state fair, we were wondering if we should rent something to be sure we got there and back.  New to us too will be car payments, 60 of them.  We haven't had those for a few years and enjoy it that way.  Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.  We all loved our old car.  I loved the interior, it was comfortable and familiar.   We have lots of good memories associated with that car.  Spark actually cried that we were leaving our old car at the dealer.  He had to touch her license plate one more time before we could drive off.

On to the good parts of a new car.  It starts right away when the key is turned without complaining first.  The steering doesn't make any noise when you turn the wheel.  There is no clunking as we drive down the road.  The air works all the time.  It gets better gas mileage.  It has about 80,000 miles less than our old one.  I am sure we will be sad when it is time to trade this one as well.

A lot had changed since we got the last car.  When we were looking at cars then, we were looking for something Spark's car seat would fit into.  This time we are looking for one with enough leg room in the back so that as he gets taller he will fix comfortably.  We lived in a different house.  I was still running a child care.   And thousand of other details has changed.  Now I wonder what changes will take place in our lives when we own this one.  Dancer will probably be in college, Spark in high school.  We could get something new and this would become one of their cars.  Hopefully we aren't grandparents but I suppose it could happen.  What ever changes come our way I hope we are healthy and happy.


Swimtaxi said...

And did you give your new car a name yet? LOL -- Honey wants to know.

~*~The Family~*~ said...

Tell Honey not yet. We are still trying to decided if it feels like a girl or a boy car.

Just an Average American Mom said...

A beauty!


We are almost done with payments on ours! Yeah!!!! I can't wait!!