Friday, August 20, 2010

Wet, wet, wet, damp, damp, damp

It is wet here and what isn't wet is damp.  It reminds me a camping trip where rains everyday and you know how it feels in the tent.  It feels blech.

Another storm rumbled through last night and had us in the basement at 1:00 a.m. hoping the roof wouldn't fly off.  The roof stayed on but the storm dropped over an inch of rain on us.   That inch doesn't count the amount we have gotten slowly since the storm last Friday.  Yesterday there was four inches in the gauge and today another one and a half.  We had no damage last night that I know of and the lights stayed on so that is a blessing.

When it isn't raining the humidity is insane.  We were out the other night, it was 66 degrees but we were sweating from the humidity.  It shouldn't feel hot at 66 degrees!  The deck boards never dry, the gutters never stop dripping, the grass is always wet and my hair is always twanging.  There are a few spots in the basement where there are spots of mold starting.  The dehumidifier can't keep up.  The trees, fence posts, and other surfaces have a layer of green growing on them.  The yard is full of mushrooms.  The yard is so wet we hope the septic system holds up and the drain field works.  It is impossible to keep the animals pens dry.  The chickens we are just going to let out to free range, even if they eat the rest of the garden, because we just can't keep their open coop dry enough where they aren't standing in mud.  We have a year worth of hay we just bought, hopefully it doesn't mold.  The flies are thick, they seem to thrive in this weather.  There is also a weird smell outside, everywhere not just in our yard.  It smells like dead worms and swamp.  There are a lot of wet lands around us for miles so perhaps they have to much water and it is changing their natural state.  We have also notice odd behavior in wild animals.  Last night when the kids and I were coming home from town there were a couple raccoons on the side of the road that didn't run off as we got close.  I had to swerve to miss them and only one of them looked up at the car.  This morning Dad said when he drove home there was an odd mist, again from the wetlands we drive through, and there were deer standing in the road that didn't move, at one point he had to stop.  I wonder if their normal woodland habitat is too wet for them.  Can they find no where to lay down or does it make their hooves to soft to be wet all the time and they hurt.  I know the goats hooves get soft if they are out even in the dew because before we trim hooves we put them out in the morning so we can cut them easier.

More rain is forecasted today and then the next four show a happy, little sun, I sure hope that is right.  I am going to start humming "Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun, Please shine down on me" as a mantra and see if that has any effect.  If nothing else it should put me a happy mood.

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jugglingpaynes said...

Tell you what, I'll send you sun if you send me rain. We have had an incredibly dry and hot summer.

Odd behavior in your wildlife. I hope the animals are OK and the smell goes away soon.

Peace and Laughter and Sunshine!